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Whipped Scrubs


Pamper you skin with our Whipped Soap which is gentle enough for every day use leaving your skin feeling silky & moisturized. May also be used for shaving.

Each jar will be 10.5oz net wt.

Ingredients: Sugar, Glycerin, Aqua, Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, Mango Butter, Kokum Butter, Disodium Lauryl Sulfosuccinate, Sorbitol, Fragrance Oil & Mica

This item has a TAT of 12-15 days not ot including weekends/holidays.

---> Ain't No Hollaback Girl: sweet and plump blackberries, tart red raspberries, zesty lemongrass & fresh citrus
--> Avocado Coconut: ripe avocado, vanilla, musk, & creamy coconut - bbw type
--> Bambu Bungalow: tropical botanicals, coconut, avocado & fresh greens
--> Beach Bum: bum bum cream + driftwood
--> Beau-tea Parlour: pink sugar, blue sugar & shaving cream
--> Boom Boom Room: sandalwood, salted caramel, almonds & jasmine petals (Sol de Janeiro Bum Bum Cream type)
--> Boyfriend Tee: blue sugar & mahogany woods
--> ButterMint: sweet yummy buttermint bliss!
--> Cherries Jubilee: sweet cherries, sugar frosting, sweet cream, gold sugar & bum bum ceam
--> Cigar Bar: amber woods, sea salt, bergamot & palo santo
--> Citrus Beach Splash: sweet mandarin, salty sea air & briney seaweed
--> Coco Lavender Leche: French lavender & frothy coconut milk
--> Coconut Sandalwood: soft musk, cedar, coconut & sandalwood
--> Coffee Eclair: .....the breakfast of champions!! sweet pillowy puff pastry filled with creamy coffee custard
--> De La Rosa (of the rose): Turkish rose, citrus, lemon & geranium (LUSH Rose Jam type)
--> Desert Snow: cool peppermint blended with cactus and sea salt
--> Diamonds are Forever: vanilla lace + bum bum cream
--> Electric Berry Frosting: blackberries, raspberries, & cotton candy frosting
--> Funfetti Cake: sweet yellow cake with funfetti frosting
--> The Golden Hour: sweet creme brulee, neroli, Australian sandalwood, coconut & orange blossom
--> Gold Persimmon: gold sugar, red currants, peach & light florals
--> Head in the Clouds: lavender, cotton candy frosting & creamy zucchini bread
--> Hippie Hollow: earthy patchouli, sugared jasmine, sweet cream, & a splash of orange citrus
--> It Takes Two to Mango: stimulating lemongrass, bright green citrus & mango sorbetto
--> In the Stars: warm & sparkling blend of starflower, sandalwood musk, tangelo, white agarwood & radiant amber
--> Karousel Kisses: cotton candy, blue coconut (imagine Sonic's Ocean Water slush), raspberry bubbly & frozen lemonade
--> Kumquat Berry: freshly sliced kumquats & sticky strawberry jam
--> LaLa Loopy: sweet fluffy marshmallows and fruity cereal.
--> Lavender Woods: sweet lavender, fluffy marshmallows, coconut, cedar wood & sandalwood
--> Lemon Cucumber Splash: Zesty Lemon, Cucumber Aloe, a hint of cool mint
--> Lemon Sugar & Mint Leaf: whipped lemon meringue, vanilla crystals, lemon zest, spearmint & verbena
--> Lemon Herb Garden: lemon mint leaf, fresh picked basil, sage & rosemary mint
--> Lips Like Sugar: cotton candy frosting, pink sugar & gold sugar
--> Lovers Lane: blue sugar, cedarwood, sandalwood & coconut
--> Magic Beans: soft served vanilla bean ice cream with lavender drizzle
--> Main Squeeze: mixed fruit candy blended with iced champagne, raspberry, & cranberries
--> Margaritaville: strawberry, raspberry, lime, blonde moment, rum & sea salt
--> Marshmallow Man: marshmallow musk, toasted marshmallow & campfire marshmallows
--> Margarita on the Rocks: lime, rum & sea salt
--> Marshmallow World: Boom Boom Room + Boardwalk Marshmallow
--> Nightingale: twilight woods, palo santo & blue sugar
--> Olive You Long Time: shaving cream with citrus fruits intertwined with leafy olive branches and lightly sweetened with vanilla
--> Pink Peppermint Clouds: pink sugar, icy peppermint & boardwalk marshmallows
--> Pirate's Boo-tea: marshmallow musk, palo santo & bum bum cream
--> Rainbow FroYo: lemons, lime, strawberries, oranges, cherries, mango, & sweet vanilla creme
--> Rose Gold: De La Rosa (LUSH Rose Jam type) + gold sugar
--> Salted Nopales & Pepino Melon: Himalayan salt, sea moss, fresh cut nopales (cactus), & pepino (cucumber) melon
--> Satsuma: body shop type
--> Secks on the Beach salty sea air, bergamot, amber woods, vanilla & musk
--> SnozBerry Cake: blueberry cake, cream cheese & vanilla ice cream
--> Spiritual Awakening: palo santo, patchouli & cream
--> Squash It!: lemon, bergamot, soft musk, & leafy olive branches. olive branch type
--> Strawberry Fields Forever: our best bakery seller Bake Shoppe blended with Strawberry Kiss (strawberry pound cake, gold sugar & bum bum cream)
--> Sunshine in my Heart: iced champagne, frozen raspberry, sweet cranberries, & juicy kumquats.
--> Sunnyside Up: salty sea air with stimulating lemongrass & bright green citrus
--> Sweet Heat: spearmint & bum bum cream
--> Tender is the Night: pink sugar, velvet sugar & zucchini bread
--> Tension Tamer: sweet lavender, eucalyptus & spearmint
--> Vanilla Sky: vanilla lace & boardwalk marshmallow

Image of Whipped Scrubs Image of Whipped Scrubs Image of Whipped Scrubs
Image of Whipped Soap Image of Whipped Soap
Whipped Soap
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