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These are extras/overpours from previous openings & customs so availability amounts are limited and prices vary.

turn around time is currently 7-10 days not including weekends/holidays. If ordered with Poured to Order items, these will not ship until those are ready unless you pay separate shipping.

--> Boom Boom Room: sandalwood, salted caramel, almonds & jasmine petals
--> Christmas Cake Pops: birthday cake, vanilla buttercream frosting with a peppermint vanilla bean filling.
--> Coco Lavender Leche: French lavender & frothy coconut milk
--> Coconut Sandalwood: cedar, coconut, sandalwood & soft musk
--> Fruit Salad: smells like a fresh bowl of oranges, lemons, strawberries, grapefruit and ripe raspberries.
--> Lemon Sugar & Mint Leaf: whipped lemon meringue, vanilla crystals, lemon zest, spearmint & verbena
--> Margarita on the Rocks: lemon, lime, rum & a rim of sea salt
--> Merry Cherry Christmas: cherry glazed donuts, almonds, pistachios & salted caramel