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Custard Pots


These will weigh approx. 4oz. each & made of a quali-tea parasoy blend that can be used in an any electric or tea light warmer.

Currently a turnaround time of 12-15 days not including weekends or holidays.

--> Ain't No Hollaback Girl: sweet and plump blackberries, tart red raspberries, zesty lemongrass & fresh citrus
--> Bake Shoppe: the warm aroma of different dough at your local bakery
--> Beach Bum: bum bum cream + driftwood
--> Beachside Blanket: my rendition of Beach Nights
--> Beach Street Villas: crisp cactus & sea salt and fresh sugared lemon
--> Berry Waffle Cone Zucchini Bread: sweet berries, waffle cone, vanilla & zucchini bread
--> Beau-tea Parlour: pink sugar, blue sugar & shaving cream
--> Bidi Bidi Bum Bum: vanilla sandalwood & bum bum cream
--> Blazing Saddles: rich creamy vanilla, leather & sandalwood
--> Blue Cotton: blue sugar & clean cotton
--> Blue Skies: blue sugar & boardwalk marshmallows
--> Boom Boom Room: sandalwood, salted caramel, almonds & jasmine petals (Sol de Janeiro Bum Bum Cream type)
--> Boardwalk Marshmallow: boardwalk marshmallow clouds bbw type
--> ButterMint Bake Shoppe: our Bake Shoppe blend topped with sweet buttermint frosting
--> Candy Apple Taffy: cotton candy, green apple & salt water taffy
--> Cake for a King: birthday cake & blue sugar with firewood roasted marshmallow frosting
--> Cigarettes After Sex: white birch & smoked vanilla lace
--> Citrus Beach Splash: sweet mandarin, salty sea air & briney seaweed
--> Salt Water Frosting: salt water taffy & cotton candy frosting.
--> Creep Coffin: coconut sandalwood, vanilla sandalwood & holywood
--> Coco Lavender Leche: French lavender & frothy coconut milk
--> Coconut Blossoms: coconut cream, sweet white florals, honey jasmine, violet, & musk
--> Coco Bungalow: creamy coconut, white nectarine & pink coral. sweet & creamy, fruity, and slightly fresh
--> Dark Lord: black sugar & lord of misrule
--> DeadWood: Mahogany woods, holy wood, driftwood, rich vailla & sandalwood
--> Dead Sea: salty sea air & shaving cream
--> Diamonds are Forever: vanilla lace + bum bum cream
--> Double Fluff: fireside marshmallow, toasted marshmallow & pall santo
--> Dir-tea Chai: vanilla chai with a shot of espresso & cream
--> Electric Berry Frosting: blackberries, raspberries, & cotton candy frosting
--> Enchanted Bread: sweet & creamy vanilla bean, zucchini bread, & sandalwood
--> Head in the Clouds: lavender, cotton candy frosting & creamy zucchini bread
--> Hey Mister: coconut bourbon + palo santo
--> Fruit Medley: strawberry, raspberry, satsuma & blonde moment
--> GlossBones: toasted marshmallow, sandalwood & nag champa
--> The Golden Hour: sweet creme brulee, neroli, Australian sandalwood, coconut & orange blossom
--> Gold Rush a blend of gold sugar & palo santo.
--> Grey Skies: palo santo & boardwalk marshmallows
--> Gram's Blueberry Cobbler: warm out the oven cobbler made of fresh picked blueberries straight out of Gram's garden
--> Hawaiian Sunset: blue Hawaiian, cherry lemonade & satsuma
--> In the Stars: warm & sparkling blend of starflower, sandalwood musk, tangelo, white agarwood & radiant amber
--> It Takes Two to Mango: stimulating lemongrass, bright green citrus & mango sorbetto
--> Kiki, Dew You Love Me..: sweet honeydew, birthday cake & whipped vanilla bean buttercream frosting
--> Karousel Kisses: cotton candy, blue coconut (imagine Sonic's Ocean Water slush), raspberry bubbly & frozen lemonade
--> La Llarona : sweet dough, confectioners sugar, cookies & frosting
--> La Panaderia: strawberry raspberry guava, sweet dough, confectioners sugar, cookies and frosting
--> Lemon Crinkle Cookies: soft & chewy, tart & tangy buttery lemon cookies
--> Lemon Herb Garden: lemon mint leaf, fresh picked basil, sage & rosemary mint
--> Lovers Lane: blue sugar, cedarwood, sandalwood & coconut
--> Magic Beans: soft served vanilla bean ice cream with lavender drizzle
--> Main Squeeze: mixed fruit candy blended with iced champagne, raspberry, & cranberries known as blonde moment
--> Malibu Beach at Midnight: sweet tropical fruits, fresh blue water & salty sea air
--> Mango Marshmallow Whip: mango cream & sweet marshmallow whip
--> Marshmallow Man: marshmallow musk, toasted marshmallow & campfire marshmallows
--> Marshmallow World: Boom Boom Room + Boardwalk Marshmallow
--> Monkey Bread: cinnamon brown sugar glaze and sweet delicious dough
--> Nightingale: twilight woods, palo santo & blue sugar
--> Olive You Long Time: shaving cream with citrus fruits intertwined with leafy olive branches and lightly sweetened with vanilla
--> Pirate Lounge: cedar wood, vanilla, shaving cream, coconut bourbon & sandalwood
--> The Pogues: pink sugar, campfire marshmallow & palo santo
--> Red Light Special: pink sugar & vanilla sandalwood
--> Saint Germain: palo santo, white birch & smoked vanilla
--> Salem's Castle: palo santo, coconut cream & zucchini bread
--> Secks on the Beach: salty sea air, bergamot, amber woods, vanilla & musk
--> Sin City: green apple & pink sugar
--> Spiritual Awakening: palo santo, patchouli & cream
--> Spirit Bread: vanilla sandalwood & creamy zucchini bread
--> Spring Garden: fresh cut grass, strawberries, raspberries & mango
--> Spring Love: vanilla lace, salty sea air, bergamot, amber woods, musk & beachside blanket
--> Squash It!: lemon, bergamot, soft musk, & leafy olive branches. olive branch type
--> Strawberry Butter Crunch: smells like buttery strawberry sandwich cookies
--> Strawberry Fields Forever: our best bakery seller Bake Shoppe blended with Strawberry Kiss (strawberry pound cake, gold sugar & bum bum cream)
--> Strawberry Kiss: strawberry pound cake, gold sugar & bum bum cream
--> String of Hearts: sweet blackberries, mango & tart raspberries.
--> Sunshine in my Heart: iced champagne, frozen raspberry, sweet cranberries & juicy kumquats.
--> Sweet Secks on the Beach: boardwalk marshmallows + Secks on the Beach (salty sea air, bergamot, amber woods, vanilla & musk)
--> Strawberry Cloud Cake: cotton candy frosting + strawberry pound cake
--> Sunrise Sandalwood: creamy orange julius & warm sandalwood
--> Sweet Marshmallow Musk: creamy vanilla musk, an extra dose of sweet marshmallows & warm amber
--> Three Kings: palo santo & Lord of Misrule
--> Time for Bed: boardwalk marshmallow & peppermint cream
--> Weird Sisters: blue sugar, pink sugar & black sugar

Image of Custard Pots Image of Custard Pots
Image of 8oz Pastry Bags 06.11.21 Image of 8oz Pastry Bags 06.11.21
8oz Pastry Bags 06.11.21
Image of Custard Pots 06.11.21 Image of Custard Pots 06.11.21
Custard Pots 06.11.21
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